Book Sculpture Workshop

Today we made book sculptures using recycled old books and we repurposed them, makeing them into interesting sculptures.  We learned a variety of different folds that we could use on our books.  There was the triangle fold; it was very simple and easy to do.  There was the more complicated fold which I used, the staggered triangle where you would take the end result of the normal triangle (which would give a diamond effect) whereas the staggered would give more a complicated finish.  There was also a diamond fold which gave a gem effect.

Here I was doing a staggered triangle.  I started in the centre of the book and worked outwards to give an even process because the amount of folds would be uneven and difficult to work with.

Towards the end the spine of the book split and Amy helped me to stick it back together using double sided tape.  This was successful as the finished shape was neat.

I like the finished piece because I like the pattern because it is geometric and symmetrical. I have never used this method before and it was very pleasing to do; it’s easy and the outcome will always be:

  • aesthetically pleasing (you could hang them from the ceiling or use them as sculptures
  • they could have more of a pratical use (photograph holders)

Equipment & Materials

  • recycled old books
  • ruler
  • sizzors
  • double sided tape
  • cutting matt
  • scalpel


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