Introduction to Brief

Our first brief is in the theme of identity, it’s split into 2 units: Unit 1: The introduction of materials, processes and technical skills. Unit 2: Is the introduction to contextual research.  The start date for the project is the 12th of September, we have a mid assessment on the 26th of September and the hand in is the 21st of October.  Our whole project will be assessed by the 7th of November. In the project we will be given experience in practical workshops such as drawing, painting, printmaking, 3D and textiles. Throughout the project we will produce a range of test pieces which will be supported by a variety of contextual research and inspirational artists.

The theme is IDENTITY.  My first thoughts of this theme is who you are and your morals, features and the individuality of yourself.  In pairs we came up with words inspired by the theme such as STYLE, ORIGIN, PERSONALITY and CULTURE.  This gave us a base to work from.

I think the theme is vague although very malleable. The aspect from the theme i would love to explore is the facial features and the body. i was very inspired by Egon Sheile’s work because it is so raw and so simple yet complicated. This is something I’d like to take on in my art.

I am new to working with textiles however I am looking forward to this I especially  look forward to exploring embroidery and different ways it could be added to different medias.



One thought on “Introduction to Brief”

  1. Hi Todd, you’ve briefly answered the questions on the writing frame and now need to insert a photo of your mapping sheet (your notes). Please delete the week’s checklist. Cheers, Chaieomie


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