Drawing tasks

Here we were given the task of creating portraits of ourselves and others using a viewfinder and other techniques such as continuous line drawing, willow charcoal drawing, layered drawing etc. I don’t feel my work resembles either Egon’s or Leonardo Da Vinci’s work as i chose to create a simple minimalistic self-portrait, however, i would like to add Egon’s expressive style into my art in the future.


  • Coloured pens
  • Charcole
  •  Graphite
  • Pencil
Layered Drawing

^ Here we layered up our drawings using a different color for each person’s portrait. were drawing on top of the prevous drawing

timed drawings – 1 minute, 30 seconds, 10 seconds and 5 seconds

^ In this picture we were given a set amount of time to draw individual portrait drawings. I decided to use the continuous line drawing method as I felt confident with is.

Graphite Drawing

^ my inspiration for this drawing was Leonardo da Vinci. Our aim for this task was to create very fine and realistic illustrations. I feel my drawings are not similar to his work as the markings are very thick from the graphite and i haven’t achieved a lot of details. However, the idea of realism is the same because of how i have tried to carry out a true interpretation of my side profile.


continuous line drawing 

^ I feel this drawing resembles qualities such as the disfigured faces of Pablo Picasso’s many portraits.

Charcoal drawing inspired by Egon Schiele.

One thought on “Drawing tasks”

  1. Hi Todd,
    Please restart this post using the instructions on the checklist. This will ensure that you present your work in an organised fashion. This post should start with the Viewfinder task (6-8 thumbnails) inspired by Da Vinci, then the Experimental Drawing task inspired by Egon Sheile. Please complete this post before Wednesday’s lesson. Cheers, Chaieomie


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