A single print taken from a design created in oil paint or printing ink. Unlike most printmaking techniques, with monoprinting the final product can only be made once this makes each one unique.


  • Inks
  • Acetate Sheet
  • Roller
  • Newspaper
  • Apron
  • Image/Reference/sketchbook
  • Drying Rack
  • Mark Making Tools – Pen/Pencil/Brushes etc

Health and safety

  • Wear an apron to avoid contact with ink, it can stain clothes and hands.
  • Make sure you thoroughly clean your roller, plastic sheet and area that you have worked in, other people may need to use a different colour, if there is a little bit of black on your roller you will ruin their prints.
  • Remove all hand jewelry as it may make unwanted marks on your print
  • Tie long hair up to keep out of the way and so it doesn’t get caught in the press.
  • Tuck all belongings under desks


img_30181) Prepare your desktop by securing your acetate sheet down with tape and gathering all the equipment you need.

img_30192) Apply a small amount of ink to the plate and roll out evenly to create a thin layer that covers the plate.

img_30213) Take some newspaper/newsprint and place it onto your plate, rub with your hand this is to take off any excess ink.

4) Place the paper over the inked plate. Be careful not to touch the paper as this will transfer ink onto the page. Using a biro or a sharp pencil draw on the back of the paper your chosen design. By gently rubbing areas of the page you can also transfer ink onto the paper. Once you have finished your design careful lift off the paper to reveal your print.

^ This print didn’t go to plan as the lines are very thick there is not much detail either. ^ I feel this print went very well as it’s extremely detailed in features such as the ear, however, i feel i could have worked more on the shirt giving it a pattern.  ^ I’m happy with the pattern on the shirt and the texture of background.

I really enjoyed the mono print workshop as



3 thoughts on “Printmaking”

  1. Please can you make sure you return your parental consent form for trips and visits as you will not be able to attend the Abbott Hall visit next week if we don’t have it. You can get a new form at reception from Bev or Claire if you have lost the original. Thanks


  2. Todd – you have produced some quality prints – well done.

    Please make sure you revisit the post and complete the written work. This should be done by Tuesday ready to start the next set of tasks on Wednesday. Thanks


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