Ceramics workshop

Today we were given the task of creating 4 ceramic tileschosen from a section of a picture we took ourselves, i chose my nose, ear and mouth.


  • Potters knife
  • Kidney
  • Wooden board
  • Fabric
  • Cutters
  • Rolling pin

Health & Safety

  • Clean worktop
  • No jewellery
  • Hair tied back
  • Bags under desks
  • Wear an Apron
  • Clean up thuraly after yourself

1) We were given a palm size peace of clay to work with. We had to wedje the clay  this forces out the air from within the clay. 2) using the guides to measure the thickness of our tiles, we rolled out our peace of clay. 3) Then we cut out our tile from the slab of clay, this will be our bace layer.

4) choose a section of you picture to work from. We used bits off clay to buld up on section you chose.

5) when finished leave to dry. When your tiles are dry You fire you tiles in the kiln.







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