Ceramic Head

The task for today was to create a 3D self portrait of ourselves using  ceramics. I feel this went really well and i really enjoyed it, however, I found it difficult to shape the eyes and forehead to make it look realistic. To solve this I took more photographs from different angles such as my side profile. This gave a different perspective of the face.


  • Potters knife
  • Kidney
  • Wooden board
  • Fabric
  • Cutters
  • Rolling pin

Health & Safety

  • Clean worktop
  • No jewellery
  • Hair tied back
  • Bags under desks
  • Wear an Apron
  • Clean up thoroughly after yourself

1) We were given a lump clay to work with. Wedged the clay before starting this was to get rid off any air pockets.

1) split the clay in two and roll them into small circles.

3) created a pinch pot


4) flatten the edges of the pinch pot by tapping it onto a surface, then distress the edges and add slip (a paste made from clay and water that binds two pieces of clay) and join both pieces together.


5) blend both pieces together and make a long thin coil of clay and wrap it round the diameter of the circle, blend this aswell. You are left with a smooth cylinder.

6) Now add the features such as the eyes, mouth and nose.



2 thoughts on “Ceramic Head”

  1. Todd – a great post, well done. Please just revisit and add a couple of sentences that evaluate your performance. Did you enjoy the task? Did anything go wrong? What would you change? What did you learn?


  2. Todd – I hope you are feeling better. Please try and get caught up with the textile week tasks ready to start a fresh week on Wednesday. All the resources are online and remember you were going to come and do some extra work on a Tuesday. Please find Chaieomie or me if you need any advice or support.


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