Perspective Drawing

Perspective drawing

Perspective drawings make objects appear more realistic, as they appear to disappear as they get further away. If the lines are extended they will meet at points that are called vanishing points.

Making a perspective drawing:

1) Draw the forward face or edge of the object

2) Mark the vanishing point

3) Draw guidelines from each corner of the shape to the vanishing point

4) Draw the verticals and horizontals between the guide lines

5) Use the guidelines to draw the rest of the shape

6) Perspective drawing can use multiple vanishing points.

Perspective drawing can use multiple vanishing points.

One-point perspective

One-point perspective uses one vanishing point, this can be used to draw room interiors.

Two-point perspective

Two-point perspective uses two vanishing points, connected the horizon line. Two-point perspective is useful when developing ideas in 3D.

A perspective drawing of a three-dimensional shape looks more realistic because its disappearing lines go towards two vanishing points.

Although the definition sounds complicated, I found the taks relatively simple and enjoyable. I would’ve like to looked deeper into    This media by adding detail into the drawings. I would also like to use the geometrical shapes in my work in the future. 


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