Mark Making Sheet

We completed eight small scale drawing using different medias such as hatching, cross hatching, stippling, pen, pencil etc. We then cut them out and mounted them onto a larger piece of paper creating a collection of small scale drawings in different medias.

coloured pencil drawing of coral

I found this one the most enjoyable to do as it is very fun and vibrant, however, in this picture the drawing is unfinished.

graphite drawing of a barnacle covered shell


oil pastel drawing of a mushroom

I really dislike this drawing as it is scruffy and the white oil pastel didn’t work on the black paper, i didn’t come out as bold as i wanted it to.

pen drawing of a paper

I feel this drawing is one of the more expressive of the daring i’ve done because the marks are very expressive, lose almost sketch like.


I found using a viewfinder helps to scale the the drawing acuaratly.

the end result

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