Mark Hearld


Mark Hearld was born in York in 1974. He studied Illustration at Glasgow School of Art from 1994-97 and went on to the Royal College of Art to study for an MA in Natural History Illustration.

A fascination with animals and plants lies at the heart of Mark’s work. Hen runs, pigeon lofts and foxes appear often. Taking his inspiration from the flora and fauna of the British countryside, Mark works across a number of mediums, producing linocut prints, unique paintings, collages and hand painted ceramics also he designs a range of fabrics and wallpapers. Mark’s main inspiration is Picasso but he is also greatly admires the work of Bawden and other artests.


I love the way he creates a seane, almost like a photoghraph where there is so much going on e.g the lino prints, colage and expessive paint markings. I feel there are different layeres to his work making the peaice seem 3 dementanal. I’d liketo use this technequ in my work in the feuture as it is a greate way to make your work look alive.

Autumn Fox

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