Scaled up drawing 

Include – photos of the gridding technique in progress

The picture I chose was of lichen on a tree. I chose this because the markings and texture were very interesting. However, I found this a challenge as there was so much detail drawing became tedious and tiering. I also found getting the texture of the bark extremely difficult.

* How did you grid up your image? Union jack/diamond/square- Using a ruler and measurements to be precise and accurate – does this give a better outcome?

* Label each stage

* How did you use tone within your work? What effect did this have?

* What type of mark making did you use?

* How did you create texture within your drawing?

* What does your final drawing look like?

* Did you find this task difficult?

* Are you pleased with the work you produced?

* What would you do differently next time?


2 thoughts on “Scaled up drawing ”

  1. Todd – Please make sure you are coming into college today as promised to catch up on missing blog work. You only had 2 posts set last week and at the moment only 1 is in process. The drawing post is very important for the Unit 3 criteria. I will be in 408 all afternoon, please come and work with me in there. Thanks


  2. Todd – I am concerned that there has been no further progress on this post as promised. Please make sure this is completed tonight ready to start your next set of tasks tomorrow.


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