Angie Lewin


Angie Lewin is a British printmaker working in linocut and wood engraving. She lives in the North of Norfolk, where she gets most of her inspiration from the natural environment mainly focusing on seed pods, grass and and flowers.

I would say her work is very stylised, the flower buds and seed pods don’t look realistic. I feel she maybe be inspired by the 60s with the coloures and shapes, almost look like space ships giving her prints a sci-fi type feel, which fit into the 60s time period. I really like the 60s and the coloures and  music within this time, so i really worm towards her praises. In the the future i would love to be inspired and add the coloures etc into my work.

example of a 60s pattern

Lawin Composes her prints so all the lines of the foliage lead to the sun, making it a key focus point. A lot of her work is in almost worms eye view as if you in the foliage. She uses very autumnal colours, burnt oranges, browns and greens, however they are oddly placed for example the sun is green?  Simplistic shapes make up grass and seed pots.


^ The dotted lines across the print creates the atmosphere of a windy autumn day also with the naked trees and dead wispy grass.


^ The dancing plants look as if they are reaching to get a bit of the sun’s rays. The orange is repeated throughout the print showing where the light is touching the plants.

My prints from this week , I think have little resemblance to Angie Lewins, although the theme of nature and a few of the colours she uses are similar.


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