Lino print


Lino printing is a type of block printing, another example would be a wood cut. you first chose a design to be printed, the lino will transfer your lino design in ink onto the page. Then areas of the design are cut out. The areas that have not been cut out will print. The lino is then inked up and placed face down onto your surface, pressure is put on the lino to ensure a clear print.


  •  Lino
  • carving tools
  • Inc
  • news print
  • surfaces
  • Bhairon
  • apron
  • wet and dry roulette
  • table/handguard

Health And safety:

  • Wear an apron
  • avoid sitting too close to other people
  •  Remove hands jewellery
  • Use a table guarded
  • bags under tables
  • walk around the workshop
  • wash all equipment after using it
  • Hair tied back





  1. First draw your design onto your lino with a biro pen, getting as much detail as you can.
  2. set out your desktop, collecting all equipment. place down newsprint to save the cleaning up afterwards secure that and you’re acetate sheet to the table. then ink up your acetate sheet using the ruler.
  3. Then using the carving tools carefully carve out the image you have draw on the lino sheet. Also be aware of how much pressure you put onto the tool as you may carve out more lino than you wanted and  use a table guard to fix your lino in place and to prevent any accidents. The areas that have been cut out will not print.
  4. If you have finished carving out your image you are now ready to print. it might take a few attempts to get a good, clear print.

The problems i came across whilst printing where that I occasionally put too much pressure onto the tools this resulted in carving out big chunks of the lino, this is is something that you can’t resolve because once the lino has been cut out it can not be put back.

I feel my prints were really clear and therefore the outcome was very successful. My favorites are three of the simpler prints i printed.e The coloures I used for the three were a lime green, turquoise, bright pink and black. I would like to display these as a four as  I feel they work very well together and the coloures really clash. This makes them as a four very interesting.


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