Martin O’Neill



Martin O’Neill is a UK based illustrator who creates collages for a wide range of International clients, advertising & design. His work can be seen frequently in the UK and US press. He regularly exhibits his personal collages, sketchbooks and prints. Martin’s work evolves from a range of techniques spanning from collage, paint, photocopies and digital techniques. He works from a vast supply of sources found and self generated material.

Aston Martin Magazine / Shanghai Stories

He uses a collaboration of traditional methods e.g collage, printmaking and enhances them with new digital techniques. Using all these different types of media, this creates his pieces very busy and interesting to look at. This is similar to my work as we did the same, we used a traditional method, lino printing. Then played around with fabrics and other materials making a few mix media pieces. And then final experiments on photoshop enhancing two chosen prints.

Bespoke Ceiling Mural / Bar Amicale – Luxembourg

His work has a unique, stylised look and colours he uses are vibrant, muted colours that very much remind me of the 1950s but also has hints of the 70s. In every piece it is very clear he uses positive and negative space to create a focal point, the collage is often the focal point and is very central.

The Folio Society



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