Mixed MediaPrints

After our prints had dried we were given the task of creating 3-4 mixed media pieces. I used a variety of different medias such as, my favorite finished print where i raised sections to give a very simplistic 3D effect another example, replacing parts of the print with interesting fabrics.

Before starting to work on my pieces I had to think about what I was going to do first, this is because if i go in to make changes to my prints and it turns out the the coloures don’t work or i cut out the wrong part, that would be a wasted print. I made this mistake in one of my own prints. To solve this I used parts of the wasted print in another print, this ended up to be very successful.


^ This mixed media print is one of my favorite prints. I used two separate prints one printed on floral fabric and one printed on tracing paper. I then attached them together by stitching them. The unintentional messy stitching and the inaccurate … in the end gave a effective rough style that i was pleased with.

I feel i wasn’t influenced by any of the artists. I tended to find fabrics and materials that worked together and used that as a base to follow from.



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