Organic 1 Evaluation



Our project brief was Organic it was split up into 3 units,

Unit 3: An introduction to drawing skills.

Unit 4: An introduction to the communication skills used in support of art and design and the development an understanding of the role that communication skills play in informing and developing ideas.

Unit 5: opportunity to use previously acquired skills, knowledge and understanding to work toward the solution of a defined 2D art and design problem.

The Organic theme covers a wide range elements for example, natural substances and structures, Flora & Fauna, living things etc.

My target for this term was to keep up to date with all blog work and experiment with different medias. Personally, I feel I achieved these goals, I did this by coming in on my days off to catch up on unfinished blog work and work further  in detail in my practical work. The subject I was looking forward to was the mono and lino printing workshops. I feel the workshops gave me a deep understanding of the media, therefore I could challenge and push myself  within my work.


Summary of research

To get primary research I went to the Kendal Museum and took a number of photographs of the Preserved insects they had there because in this project I am focusing on insects. However, I used the website Pinterest to get pictures of foreign insect species that I was unable to gather primary research for myself. I found doing all of these things helped me create a rounded picture of the subject i was focusing on.

In the first two weeks we covered many different drawing techniques such as mark making facial proportions, shading, gridding up and perspective drawing. This then bled into a third week where we scaled up a large scale drawing of a natural structure

The artist that most inspired me in this project would have be Angie lewin. I was inspired by her work as her work has a unique stylized 60s look, however incorporates the flora & Fauna theme. My second artis would have to be David Hockney. I favor his work because he uses vibrant coloures and interesting patterns that can bring

Experimentation and development

During this project we a visited and completed a number of different workshops, drawing techniques, mono printing, lino printing, mixed media and Photoshop. In each of these workshops we were given a practical demonstration and though how do do each method for each media. I have experience in all these medias, however, doing them in college this built my confidence within each of theses.

Throughout this project I feel that I didn’t come across any major problems within the workshops we completed, I did however, find in the lino print workshop while cutting the lino I would accidentally cut out more lino than expected. This was a problem as it is erasable.

I would have to say I enjoyed the mix media workshop the most, this is because I could experiment and collaborate different textures, patterns and materials.

Final Outcome

For my final outcome I chose to do a collection of my best 9 prints. I chose these as they were my most high quality pieces that had been collaborated with different medias, these included, collages, cutouts and textiles. I also liked the idea of a large random selection of my final outcomes. To get a high quality result in my end result, while mounting them up I measured each print to insure they were an equal distance apart.


I feel I have improved immensely since last project, as I fell behind regularly within the blogging work and I lacked motivation. Since then I feel I have improved with meeting deadlines, time management and putting in extra time outside of college hours.

I enjoyed this project because we focused on printmaking and this is a media that I really enjoy, we briefly were introduced to this in our last project – Identity. In doing this project gave us a chance to look deeper into the media. The project brief was Organic, I mainly focused on insects because they have vibrant colours and patterns and I find them an interesting subject.

If I were to do this project again I would work more on my blogging and getting more writing onto my posts,




One thought on “Organic 1 Evaluation”

  1. It looks like you have covered all the sections. It would be good if you could maybe drop into the last paragraph abit of info on how your printing skills have improved from the last project. Are you more confident with materials and equipment? Is the quality of your prints better? If so why?


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