Design Cycle

The Design cycle is split into step by step stages, Investigate, Design & Plan, Create  and Evaluate. It is used to help the process of creating a practical piece. The Investigate stage is collect useful research and inspiration that will help you in the Design & Plan stage. When Designing & Planning the practical piece take into consideration time, materials etc. Research that  was done previously will help effect the final design. Before creating our final piece we were told we will be making test tiles, pinch pots and coil pot these are so we can experiment and try different mark making techniques. Then with the skills we would move onto our final piece. Although we evaluate throughout each stage, the final evaluation is looking back on each stage and discussing overall what went wrong and what went well. Everyone’s design cycle will be the same, however, each person will feel they need to go back and redo a stage at different times. personal-project-cycle-draft


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