Heather Knight

Heather Knight is an internationally renowned ceramic artist. She mainly works with porcelain creating 3D decorative pieces which have a modern esthetic with textures, patterns and shapes inspired by nature. Heather’s distinctive pieces frequently echo sea creatures, coral and shells. All her work is hand made and left with the raw finish of the porcelain.

Personally I love her work, what stands out the most is the lack of colour and the repetition of the individual forms. I feel this make the pieces extremely effective and interesting to look at, fulfilling their purpose.

Overall I think a lot of her work suggests sea life, corals, barnacles etc. This fits seamlessly into our theme Sea Life. In the ceramics workshop where we created our test tiles I tried to replicate the effect her work has into my own. I found that the process was very time consuming and it was hard to repeat making the tiny structures, getting them the same size and length.










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