Pinch Pots – Decorated Egg

In this workshop we were told to make a circular vessel that we would later add structures and forms onto it in the theme of sea life. Beforehand we had to make pinch pots as the purpose of a pinch pot is to create a hollow inside so that when in the kiln it will not explode.  The reason for this task was to show another process of working with ceramics and to gain more practice and experiment even further with the textures and tools.

* Photo of mind map/notes

* Photo of your quick decoration sketches.

* How successful was your final decorated egg?

* How could your work be developed further?


  • Buff clay
  • Wooden Board
  •  Wooden Guides
  • Fabric
  • Rolling Pin
  • Loop Tools
  • Kidney
  • Potters Knife


1) collect all equipment

2) roll up two evenly sized balls

3) Push your thumb in to the middle of the clay to create an opening. Use gentle pinching motions to thin out the walls of the pot.

4) Once both pinch pots have been made place them together and using a thinly rolled out piece of clacy as a belt wrap it round the joined pots.

5) Mold the belt into both pots then smoothen with a kidney tool.

6) Using a skewer put a hole in the egg so that air can be released otherwise it will explode)

7) Now it’s ready for decoration.

I feel my pinch pot went very well, I successfully achieved a decent shaped sphere. However, I think more time could have been spent on the small details, therefore parts of my egg were incomplete or rushed.




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