Test Tiles 

Today we did a ceramics workshop where we were told to focus on the textures and surfaces of sea life.


  • Buff clay
  • Wooden Board
  •  Wooden Guides
  • Fabric
  • Rolling Pin
  • Loop Tools
  • Kidney
  • Potters Knife


first we rolled out our clay using the guids to determine the thickness, then using a potter’s knife cut out a 4  by 4 square out of the clay.  Using the viewfinders we picked out interesting segments of a secondary source.  I found an image of a coral reef and focused on this particular sea anemone. I created them by rolling up small pieces of clay, then poking a hole into them with a pencil and then attaching them with the velcro technique (cross hatching both surfaces and using slip).  I created the texture on the rest of the tile by making rough marks into the clay, again with a pencil then dipping my finger into water and smoothing them to make a cleaner finish.  Originally I wanted to fill the tile but didn’t realise how time consuming the process was.  I would like to do a triptych of different sea organisms or corals for my final piece so this workshop was good practice towards that.

Health &  Safety

  • Clean up thoroughly with a damp cloth.
  • Wear an apron to protect your clothing
  • Be careful when using sharp tools such as the potter’s knife.
  • Don’t consume the clay as you may get ill






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