Progress and development of final piece

This week we started and finished our 3D final piece in the theme of our project Sealife.


I started with making a coil pot, a simple method where a base is made and singular coils are made and then wrapped round layering them up to your preferred height, the height of my pot was 18cm. when I finished my pot i then smoothed out the walls and began to make the fish that will decorate the outside.



I made the fish by rolling out a large flat piece of clay and using my fish template I made previously as a guide to cut out the shapes. Once I had all my fish cut out I then one by one, using the velcro technique (scoring the inner side of the fish and attaching with slip)  placed them onto the outer walls of my pot. To help me attach the fish I placed my clay pot onto the turn wheel, this made it easier to do the process of attaching the fish easier.




To finish off I cut the bottom of my pot out so that I am left with a lampshade like shape. I smoothened out any rough edges and added the eyes onto the fish.

For the theme of my pot I looked at shoals of fish and sardine runs . I tried to create the shape and movement of the fish with the cylinder shaped pot. I placed the the fish carefully so that they matched the natural flow of  a shoal.


Looking at my final proposal design I feel that my piece isn’t an exact response, however, it has close aspects of the original design. Many things went wrong whiles making my piece for example the walls of my pot began to collapse to solve this I cut a v shape into the wall of my pot and then blended the two walls together. This method is effective although it weakens the walls of the pot. Another problem I faced was that I took I huge chunk of my making time placing the fish onto the outer side to my pot, this was because I didn’t feel they flowed naturally. Despite the problems I faced I feel  I used my making time effectively and I am very happy with the outcome of the final piece.



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