Evaluation Organic Part 2


Our project was Organic part 2 and our theme was sea life.The Organic theme covers a wide range elements for example, natural substances and structures, Flora & Fauna, living things, however in this project we would be closely looking at sea life this includes fish, corals and other marine life. The project was split up into 2 units: Unit 4 intro to communication skills and Unit 6 solving 3D creative Problems. We started the project on the 9.1.2017, we had our interim assessment on the 23.1.2017 and our hand in date is Friday 17th February. My aim for the end of this project was to keep on top of all my blog work and to gain knowledge on ceramic techniques and methods. The things I was most looking forward to in this project would have had to have been the final proposal piece as I feel we were given independence and freedom to explore the theme sea life. When our final pieces are finished they will be exhibited in Wildman Street Gallery.

picture !!

The design cycle has been a key part throughout this project. The cycle is split into step by step stages, Investigate, Design & Plan, Create  and Evaluate. It gives structure to the process of making and allows you to look back on any previous research and designs. If working for a client the cycle can also be used.

Here is a link to my organic 2 sealife board.

Summary of Research    


The primary I did within this project was for a drawing task where we did 4-6 thumbnail drawings looking at shells and coals, we also brought in fish from the fishmongers. For my final proposal I used secondary photographs from the website pinterest of schools of fish and sardine runs. I needed these so that I could capture the movement of the fish and I wanted to portray this in my final piece.

In the weeks of the drawing tasks I personally didn’t learn an new techniques, however I perfected my existing skills. The task was a great opportunity to create new mark making techniques and to play around with the style of my drawing.

Heather Kight was a great inspiration to my final proposal as her minimalist style worked very effectively. I tried to use her simplistic technique in the shapes I used. Another artist we looked at was Amy Daniels, my was very much effect by hers within the colors she used. Her textured rusty look is what i was trying to achieve using the oxides.

Using a variety of sources makes your research more reliable. Different points of views are also shown.

Experimentation and development

In this project we took part in many workshops, mainly based around ceramics, although we did other workshops such as design cycle, drawing from real life and secondary sources, test tiles, pinch pot, ceramic eggs, coil pots, glazing. Throughout the project I’ve learnt many new skills. Working with ceramics has been a whole new experience to me and I feel I picked up the techniques of making a coil pot, ceramic eggs etc very quickly. A problem that occurred during the making of my final proposal piece is that in the kiln a few of the decorative fish fell off the pot and I was unable to find all of them. This was a problem that I couldn’t overcome as they were lost however for the ones that I was able to find, I will reattach them using superglue. I enjoyed the pinch pot workshop the most as it was a great opportunity to experiment with a new media and to use and perfect existing skills and techniques.


Final Outcome

For my final proposal piece I created a ceramic piece inspired by the collection of fish in a school. It is a stand alone, hanging, decorative piece which I coloured using a cobalt oxide and then finished with a clear gloss glaze. I attempted to capture the movement of the fish in a circular motion, I did this by making the piece in a cylindrical shape. I used a coil pot technique as the construction process fitted the design and shape which I wanted to create. My piece consisted of a large coil pot and multiple small cut out pieces. To make the small decorative fish I used a template to allow me to get each individual one the exact same. I am happy with the final outcome of my piece as I was able to stick to the original plan



Overall I enjoyed every aspect of this project as I allowed me to experiment with a new media and I was also very passionate about the theme ‘Sea Life’. I met all the deadlines I was set however I did struggle to meet deadlines for blog work yet this did not effect my progress in class this term. In class I did well to manage my time in the practical aspects, I also spent time off timetable every week to catch up on any unfinished work as well as finalising previous work to make sure it was completed to the best of my ability. The peer review increased my confidence in my artistic skill and it also allowed me to get an insight on how the other students had interpreted the project and how they experimented with and applied techniques from the workshops. If I was to do this project again I would make sure that I perfected blog work however in terms of the practical aspect I wouldn’t change anything however I would be interested in experimenting with the other pot making techniques. From this project I could see myself working more in ceramics and potentially working on a larger scale however I do enjoy working in other medias more.



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