Heather Hansen 

Heather Hansen is a contemporary performance artist and dancer based in New Orleans. She uses her body and performance to create large-scale charcoal and pastel drawings. She explores the combined movement and art for her experimental project, Emptied Gestures. She uses her body and the charcoal to track her movements to create the massive illustrations.

The the simple method of a small bit of charcoal in both of her hands creates amazing symmetrical shapes and lines. She then uses her hands to smudge the charcoal to create the wispy, smoky effect. I feel this gives the pieces movement and makes it look almost 3D. Personally I feel there’s something really mystical and sinister about her work,  I think this is because of the black on white combination. However some of her pieces are done with coloured pastel and these give off a whole different mood. For example the one below gives the feeling of passion and warmth whereas the black on white is very cold. I would like to use her technique of powerful simplicity in the future in my work.



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