What is time based media

Today we were given a new project brief that is 3 weeks long. In this project we will explore four time based media problems and be given the opportunity to work with different tutors and use a variety of medias and equipment. The project unit 7: To be given an opportunity to use previously acquired skills, knowledge and understanding to work towards the solution of a time based creative problem. Our interim assessment will be on the 6th March, the hand in for the project is 17th March and it will be assessed by 31st March.

Time based media are contemporary artworks that include video, film, slide, audio, choreography or computer technologies. The artwork has a story or a narrative to show progress and time as long as time is one of the main attributes in the artwork it is considered as time based media. They largely depend on technology but not always for example not in performance. Time base media is a very recent concept, the earliest artist to experiment with this media would have been Nam June Paik who was involved in the fluxus movement in the 70s also known as Neo Dada. The reason that it is such a new medium is that it is heavily dependent on technology to record the art/performance.


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