Group film task

Today we were split into groups of 3/4 people we were given the task off creating a short video that was 10-20 seconds long and based on a word that was assigned to us by our tutor. Our word was “Mechanical” meaning operated by a machine or machinery. The task was a very enjoyable task as it was something different and we got to explore within another media.

To break down the word “Mechanical” we used a mind map, this helped us think of ideas and get them down on paper so that we can refer back to them. The sort of words we came up with doing this were repetition, automatic and movement. We also used small illustrations to show how we would go around doing the ideas. Our final idea for our video was a number of screens showing old vintage documentaries all playing at once.

As preparation for our video we had to make a storyboard. Personally I feel this wasn’t essential for making our video as it was a still piece and there was no movement other than the screens. However a storyboard can be essential for some ideas. The reason for this is it creates a plan for you to then follow and look back on.


Nothing went majorly wrong while filming however getting all the devices to play at once without having any notifications showing turned out to be our biggest challenge. The one thing I would have changed if I were to film it again would be that all the devices we used would be the same, this is because different devices have different shaped screens etc.

Personally I think we worked very well as a team. We had no problems working together and no disagreements. Everyone listened to each other and took on each others ideas. I feel I took on the leading role by inputting ideas, putting the set together and recording the video. The reason I feel this happened was because the initial idea was my idea. So therefore my team members helped me create my vision I had for the video.




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