Mike’s workshop


Cinemagraphs are still photographs in which a minor and repeated movement occurs


Graphics Interchange Format allows the creator to add multiple frames to a single photo to create a movement, repeatingly changing image etc.

Gif’s are different to a cinemagraph as it has a lower colour range and it is also of a lower resolutio
* Upload images of notes taken during the session.

* Process/method (may include step by step images)

* Insert your finished Cinemagraph

* Analyse an existing Cinemagraph that you like


One thought on “Mike’s workshop”

  1. Todd – I am concerned that this post is not finished and holds important information for your hand in. Currently this project would be a referral. Please complete the missing work – look to using time out of class within college and ask for support if it is needed. Please aim to complete work by Friday 24th March.


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