Photography challenges 

We were given a number of themes to chose from I chose “People” I chose this as I thought it would be a challenge and I felt I could get some interesting photos of conversations, the market, buskers etc.  We went on a short loop around town taking us along the river to the church and back through town.

* Explain your walk, where did it take you?

* What were you inspired to take photos of?

* Did you find the task difficult?

* Did you think carefully about composition?

* Did anything go wrong? If so how did you resolve it?

* How well do you think you have addressed your theme?

* Did you use filters and adjustments? How effective were these?

* Final set of images (10)


One thought on “Photography challenges ”

  1. Todd – I am concerned that this post is not finished and holds important information for your hand in. Currently this project would be a referral. Please complete the missing work – look to using time out of class within college and ask for support if it is needed. Please aim to complete work by Friday 24th March.


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