Persuasive writing room 101

People who leave their packed dog poo bags on the path or just thrown into the hedge. What’s the point? Why just not pick it up and leave it for the rain to wash away? The bag just contains the poo and leaves it for some poor soul to step on in it the future. Is there no way we can make the dog poo bags biodegradable? We need to start encouraging people to “SCOOP IT, BAG IT AND TRASH IT!!” or just ban the plastic dog poo bag altogether. I’d rather see a decomposing poo than a plastic bag hanging from a branch.

This would improve life in the 21st century by making the local communities a much cleaner, hygienic and pleasant place to be.  It would have a positive energy for the community and not putting them in a bad light.

The idea of “SCOOP IT, BAG IT AND TRASH IT!!” can be used to encourage people to make sure they throw their bagged poo away.  The law states that a person will be fined £100 if the dog poo is not picked up.  I think this is unrealistic enforcement measure as the likeliness of catching someone in action is slim, therefore the main thing is to encourage people not to do it. People need to feel guilty for not trashing there poo bags.

So to alter this behaviour people need to know the effects of leaving dog poo in bags and what effect it has on the environment and local communities.





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