Intro to FMP

Today we were introduced to our FMP brief. The title of our assignment is “The World Around Me.” It’s the 8th unit were we will be developing and producing a personal project. We will have a interim assessment on 1st May and we will have completed the project by Friday 16th June.  My learning outcomes for this project are that I should be able to plan and develop my own art project, undertake and use research, be able to uses materials, processes and technical skills and finally to be able to assess and evaluate the successfulness of my artwork.

I feel I have no real specialism in any medias this is because I like to experiment and explore into all medas, however, I do really enjoy working in both 2D and 3D using materials and techniques such as wire, textiles, printmaking and ceramics. Throughout this year I have found I like using more hands on 3D materials and processes rather than 2D process like painting and drawing.

I’d like to develop my blog work more as I’d like to get it to a higher standard.  I can do this by following the checklists, using speech to text software (as this will save me time), come in out of class time on Monday afternoons and ask for 1:1’s with Amanda or Chaieomie.  I’m looking forward to doing etching more as I did it for my GCSE and I really enjoyed it.  I’ve got many ideas but they are all quite vague at this point but I can do some more research on our theme and I could create mind maps and explore the ideas in more detail.

I had routes I wanted to go down for example architecture, decay, insects and faces.  I gave them some thought and I came up with individual ideas for each area and how I could develop them.  I would like to focus on the local area as it makes more people interested and my pieces may sell better.  My initial ideas re architecture were to create a collage of local buildings in different colour and I’d like it to be in large scale.  Re insects I was thinking I could do a large piece using textiles or a triptych of 3D butterflies and moths.  I do a lot of outlines of faces and I like the simplistic effect.

Below are photographs of my notes and original mind map exploring the theme “The World Around Me” .  These show some of my initial ideas and plans.




One thought on “Intro to FMP”

  1. Todd – I am concerned that there are still 2 posts missing from last weeks task sheet. Time was given in class for these tasks to be completed and uploaded. Please make use of the department outside of class time to catch up, resources can be found online and I have pasted the post expectations below.

    Blog Post – Observational Drawings
    • Photo of continuous line/timed drawings
    • Photo of 6-8 thumbnail studies
    • Label your drawings explaining what different materials/media/techniques you used to create your studies?
    • Could you also include the original image/object to show where you started?
    • Were your studies successful? If so why? If not, why?

    Blog Post – 20 inspiring secondary images:
    • Using the internet and Pinterest collect 20 images linked to your ‘Environment theme’. Label photos with source details and why you have picked them.


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