Newcastle trip

Today we went to Newcastle and visited 3 different galleries/museums, firstly we went to the Great North Museum then the Biscuit Factory and then the Baltic. The trip was organised for us to gather a variety of primary research for our FMP. Here are the notes I took on my favorite art pieces and exhibitions.



The Great North Museum had two floors of different exhibits including the Ancient Egypt exhibit, Taxidermy animals, Prehistoric exhibit, Bones, Ancient Greece, Medieval exhibit and live reptiles.

I found the Greek sculptures extremely interesting.  The top photograph is a marble made sculpture of two men participating in the most violent Greek sport (it is a 19th century copy of a Greek original) and you can feel the movement of them wrestling.  They have a lot of detail and you can see the expression on their faces.

The taxidermy animals were one of my favorite exhibits as it was really interesting to see animals animals that I would never have a chance to see in the wild. I also found the way they were laid out in almost a scene from a jungle very inspiring.

The picture above shows small life size fungi and mushrooms. I didn’t find out the exact materials they used to make them however I feel they would have been made from either wood or fiberglass. I liked how they looked as if they were plucked from a movie set and the detail on them was very precise.



After the Great Northern Museum we went to the Biscuit factory which is an old converted building where they display and sell art.  The venue was really interesting in itself as it had all its old features, however, it was extremely modern and simplistic which gave me ideas on what to do for my FMP.



I was majorly inspired by the framed butterflies in the picture as they replicate my initial idea. Seeing these helped me see what processes I can use as Naomi Greaves used a mix of prints, collage and watercolor.  They were inspiring because they were in the style of pinned butterflies in a cases, each one were unique and numbered.  I really like the big thick frame they were displayed in as it really outlined them.  She also did paper beatles in a similar fashion.  It was important for me to see these first hand because they were such a close idea of what I wanted to do for my FMP and it gave me an insight of what they would look like when they were finished and I thought they worked very well especially if they were done as a tryptic or in a quad.



The Baltic is a massive gallery that holds some of the world’s most famous contemporary artists work like big names such as Rodney Graham whose art was being shown there when we visited. All the art shown there is none static, they switch the exhibitions every three months. The Baltic consists of 2,600 square meters of art space, making it the uk’s largest dedicated contemporary art galleries.


 Rodney Graham is a Canadian avant-garde artist who incorporated a reoccurring theme in the photography of his which was on display. The pictures all included him in different situations where he was having a break but it each he was holding a cigarette. I like this as it gives a realistic view on the things many people do during a break.




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