Julie Mehretu

Julie Mehretu is an artist based in New York she is best known for her layered abstract paintings and prints. Her large-scale prints are built up through layers of acrylic paint on canvas. She also uses a mix of other medias for example pencil, pen, ink and thick streams of paint.


Style of the artist

Overall her work is very random, almost messy.  Some of her pieces stem from the middle or the corner and then fade out.  Th emiddle is very compact and dense and close togeher and she uses a lot of squigly lines and shapes and in soe of her peices they fully cover the page and in others …it makes the piece very interesting because there is so much to look at and a lot of detail.  She ues very simple mark making techniques to create a very complex interesting fine outcome.  There is contrast between black and white in her work and there are dashes of block colour and shapes. This contrasts with the black lines because a lot of it is black squigly lines that actually create movvement and regognisable objects for example buildings and hills.  Smoe of her work looks like maps, they trigger memories of places I’ve been to for example skiing.

Mehretu is inspired by architechture as well as weather and we can see this in her work as they create a picture.

Intentions of the artist

I feel like her message is to trigger memories or images of somewhere I have been as it’s very recognisable.  Her artwork relates to the way I draw as my drawing is more illustrative and I think the she represents her work in a similar way.  This inspires me because I can create a beautiful piece of artwork and it not be perfect.



One thought on “Julie Mehretu”

  1. Todd – I am concerned that there is currently no Easter research on your blog and there is still work outstanding from previous weeks. It is vital you are working to up date your blog in preparation of the next stage of your project.


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