Mariana Popova

Mariana Popova is a Bulgarian felt artist that experiments with different techniques and materials to design and craft small scale sculptures. She also creates jewelry, fashion accessories, carpets and other items. For her felt figures she uses felt needle techniques and 100% pure Bulgarian wool. She dyes the wool herself to achieve the right colors.  I am looking at her work as it links to my FMP as well as the felt workshop I did this week.



The pieces of her work I am interested in are her small scale needle felt butterflies. The reason for this is because for my FMP I am thinking of creating something very similar. However I will be using, instead of the needle felting technique, the more traditional way of felt making.

I really like the way they are almost life size and she uses very natural colours to get a nearly exact replica of the butterfly. The detail on the wings are very intricate which is the benefit of needle felting, so I feel I will have to go for less detailed designs. One way I could achieve the detail is to stitch into the felt butterflies afterwards.

The artist is inspired by nature and her work is quaint, subtle and she says that she enjoys making aesthetically pleasing pieces.






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