Mikes digital workshop

Today we did a digital workshop using Photoshop using our etching prints.


First we learned how to layer and cut out bits of the top layer.  Some of the shortcuts we used were:

-Cmd + – zoom in

-Cmd – – zoom out

-Cmd Z – undo

-Magic wand tool – to select specific areas of the image

-Crop tool

-Cmd D – esc

-Magnetic Lassoo – stuck to lines that were darkest around the shape

-Mouse down plus alt – duplicate

-Edit transform – flips horizonal or vertical

-Rotating by pressing select and shift (shift is important so it stays proportioned)

todd test photoshop sampleUntitled-2

I’m not partial to photoshop however I do like my final results.  I picked up the shortcuts really easily, this made is really easy to use, I could progress quickly and do more experimenting.  There was so much information to gather that note taking was difficult.

Using digital techniques cleans up the work; it makes it really crisp and clear.  I prefer the original state art work however (like an original print or drawing etc) so I will probably choose not to use this technique for my FMP.



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