Felt workshop 

Today we were given three workshops to choose from Felt, wire and ceramics. I chose to do the felt workshop as I would love to incorporate different medias into my final piece and felt would be one of them.


  • whicker mat
  • merino wool
  • towel
  • hot water and washing up liquid
  • netting
  • yarn and colored wool

Stage 1 – laying out the wool

  • place your mat onto your towel
  • start to pull the wool and lay on your mat all facing the same direction
  • one that layer is done pull the wool and place it in the opposite direction
  • once both layers are done you can begin placing the felt to create your design

Stage 2 – Wetting  & Rubbing

  • place the net over the top of your felt piece
  • pour hot water onto your piece
  • using washing up liquid rub with 3 fingers in a circular motion starting from the middle and working your way out
  • when your felt is completely flat (with no fluffy edges) pull off the net
  • flip your felt piece, place the net over the top and do the process again

Stage 3 – Rolling & Ringing 

  • roll up the felt in the wicker mat
  • roll approximately 30X
  •  unroll and turn the felt in a clockwise direction
  • keep going until you are happy with the size of your felt
  • if necessary dunk the felt into the hot water and throwing it onto your mat
  • squeeze and hang to dry
  • when dry I then cut out my butterflies from the original piece of felt.

I used my photos I took from the museum to get an idea of what colors I would have to use. The patterns the butterflies had were very intricate and detailed. I had to create these using felt which became really hard, so I decided to not concentrate on getting the detail and work on the color and shape of the butterflies. I had to use very simple shapes as they would get distorted whilst felting.

I am very please with my final outcome of my felt butterflies. I feel that the shape and patterns on the butterflies worked really well. However to get the shape of the butterfly to keep while felting was very difficult. I would have liked to have more interesting butterfly shapes but this was very difficult to achieve. there were many failed attempts to get the perfect butterfly shape. I used my primary research photos that I gathered from the museum.





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