Artist Link – Yumi Okita

Yumi Okita is an American artist who uses various textiles and embroidery techniques. The pieces are quite large, and contain other embellishments including painting, feathers, and artificial fur.  She creates large scale insects like butterflies and moths made from textiles, some of these measure nearly a foot wide.

Her work is very much like how I would like to do my FMP. I would like to work with textiles and stitch as she dose. As I am using felt I wont be able to get as much detail however I will be able to work back into them with stitch. The colours and patterns are really inspiring and I would like to duplacte that into my work.






3 thoughts on “Artist Link – Yumi Okita”

  1. Todd – Please can you nip and see me when you are next in college so I can catch you up on last weeks work. Please bring in the final proposal sheet you started so I can see where your final outcome is heading, thanks. I will be in 408 Monday am and Print/408 Monday pm.


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