Today I created 4 development samples of felt butterflies.

I have mixed feelings about the results because I could have put more detail and care into them as they were a bit rushed.

The things that worked well are the wire work and stitching.  Putting the wire gave the butterfly structure and it helped it stand up.  It’s a good way to see what works and what doesn’t work. After having this practice session the lessons I’m going to take with me for my final piece next week are:

-take more time in stitching to make them neat

-think carefully on how to get the butterfly wings symmetrical

-take more time on the felting to get them to the right sturdiness

-because it’s hard to get detail I’m going to focus instead on the colours and shape of the butterfly and then add detail with the stitching

-different colour wire


I had a source image/object to work from and I thought carefully about colour, mark making, media, materials.




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