Development of final outcome

I used the traditional wet felting technique which involves 3 stages:

Laying out the wool:

  • place your mat onto your towel
  • start to pull the wool and lay on your mat all facing the same direction
  • one that layer is done pull the wool and place it in the opposite direction
  • once both layers are done you can begin placing the felt to create your design

Wetting  & Rubbing

  • place the net over the top of your felt piece
  • pour hot water onto your piece
  • using washing up liquid rub with 3 fingers in a circular motion starting from the middle and working your way out
  • when your felt is completely flat (with no fluffy edges) pull off the net
  • flip your felt piece, place the net over the top and do the process again

Rolling & Ringing 

  • roll up the felt in the wicker mat
  • roll approximately 30X
  •  unroll and turn the felt in a clockwise direction
  • keep going until you are happy with the size of your felt
  • if necessary dunk the felt into the hot water and throwing it onto your mat
  • squeeze and hang to dry
  • when dry I then cut out my butterflies from the original piece of felt.

This was my third time using the process and I got better each time.  I feel I was ver familiar with the process and what to expect from it.


All problems were solved during creating the samples so making the final felt butterflies was a very smooth process.  I continued to use my source photos to support my work and this is important to do clear detail from the real butterflies.

There are clear artist links in my work as I was mainly influenced by Mariana Popova and Yumi Okita because their focus was insects made from textiles and fabric and this was exactly what I wanted to do.

I plan to display my work in a wooden display case with glass cover and create Latin name tags under each butterfly.  Next week I am going to focus on my written evaluation and I would like to finish displaying my work in the case.




One thought on “Development of final outcome”

  1. Todd – I am concerned that I have not seen you during your planned EEP session this week. Please remember that your hand in is on Friday for both your practical and blog work. The ‘development of outcome’ post should have evidence of what you have done so far. It is vital that you are using time out of class within college so we can support you with your work in preparation of your hand in.


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