Tutorial Review

My overall attendance is 94% with 99% punctuality.  My attendance for FS English is 87.8% with 97% punctuality.

This academic year I’ve learned how to monoprinting, lino printing and etching, work with ceramics, develop and experiment with our drawing skills (perspective drawings, continuous line, timed, scaled up), how to use photoshop and create gifs, cinemagraphs and animations and we also filmed short videos and felting.

My favourite technique has been the felting and then working back in with stitch.  I found the blog work most difficult.  I have not been able to meet my deadlines and targets because my time management is awful.

My SMART target is to finish the course with a pass.  I’ll hand in my FMP by May 25th and then do my presentation and the big show by the end of June.  I’ll meet my practical outcome deadline by this Wednesday (I’ll be coming in extra on Monday and Tuesday and will take work home if necessary) and I’ll get support with my written work (scribing and prompting).